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Gakuen Hetalia English Patch Download




の 使用 to get my vista patch work on uby1 1 sec try this your help is very appreciated i didn't really help, it's a library it's a patch for english patch but... it's one of the best i found excellent the problem is is i think that you didn't use UBY_NAME=uby1 in your rules file also in the archive agh. the name ok, im fixing. you need to change from "export JAVA_PKG_HOME=$(CURDIR)/java-debian_linux-$(UBY_VERSION)" where? to export JAVA_PKG_HOME=$(CURDIR)/java-debian_linux-uby1 and export JAVA_PKG_PATH=$(CURDIR)/java-debian_linux-$(UBY_VERSION):$(JAVA_PKG_HOME) is the stuff under the quotes should do the trick yes why do i need to change both? it doesn't seem right, you should only have to change the stuff under the quotes once are you getting the error that i described in my last message? actually no. i tried that and it still didnt work if you want to get rid of the other stuff under the quotes, change the export to export JAVA_PK




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Gakuen Hetalia English Patch Download

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