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Our First Date

After Kellie and I exchanged numbers, we decided to meet for sushi on a chilly Sunday night, January the 10th at a restaurant I knew of in Plano called Densetsu. We agreed to meet at 7:00 PM at the restaurant.


I actually saw Kellie walking up to the restaurant before she saw me. My first impression of her was she looked beautiful, tall with long legs like a movie star. She was dressed in all black with a black leather jacket and also with a scarf. When she saw me, we hugged right outside the front door, exchanged pleasantries and went inside.

Densetsu Sushi Allen Evans Kellie Rasberry First Date
Densetsu Sushi Allen Evans Kellie Rasberry First Date

A listener took this first ever picture of Kellie and I on our first date.

Right outside this door is where I met Kellie for the first time.

After a short wait, we were seated at the sushi bar, and we had alot of "first date" discussion.  What do you do? Where from? How many kids? How's dating been? Favorite music, likes and dislikes, that sort of thing. I remember it seemed like both of us were being polite but cautious. But I never felt awkward or nervous with Kellie because we were able to make great conversation and we could relate with each other's personal circumstances with divorce, dating in Dallas, single parenthood and children, and work.

A few people recognized Kellie in the restaurant and wanted to stop by to say hello. I didn't find this unusual because by this time I knew she was very popular in Dallas (and everywhere else the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show is on). A fan of Kellie's in the restaurant that night captured our first date with this photo which is the first photo of us taken ever! Pretty cool to have this moment captured in time!  


And no, we didn't kiss on our 1st date. After we were finished, I gave her a hug goodbye and I knew that this wasn't a one and done type date. I wanted to see her again.

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