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Wedding Details

It literally takes a small army of professionals to make a wedding like ours happen.  And in my opinion, we had some of the best you can work with.  Thank you to all who made our wedding the most memorable and fun day of our lives. Below are links to the team that pulled off the magic trick that was our wedding!  #abracabooYES !

Wedding Coordinator:  Dianthe Hall.  A special thank you from Kellie and I to Dianthe for her 5 months of hard work to make our wedding perfect.  She also showed us when a wedding coordinator really shines, on "gameday".  Everything was perfect and Dianthe was cool under pressure. Her pinning flowers on my boys in the dressing room will always be a very fond memory for me.  She was answering questions and working hard right until the time Kellie and I left in the weekend car that evening at 11:35PM, and then after that, and the next day as well. And all of this on her BIRTHDAY no less.  We owe our deepest gratitude to Dianthe for all her love and support.  Thank you Dianthe.

Ceremony and Reception Location:  Stonebriar Country Club.  Contact: Courtney Jolly.  Courtney was such a positive person to work with.  Thank you for everything Courtney.  The Club was a beautiful place to get married and have our celebration.

Flowers:  A Fresh Approach.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.  The flowers and pictures speak for themselves.

Photography: Amy Karp Photography.  Our wedding photos have blown me away.  There are so many quick, thoughtful little moments that happen at a wedding and you want those captured forever. A good photographer sees these moments almost ahead of time. If you are getting married, photography is the one area you do not want to scrimp on. Your memories, photos (and video) are all you have left when it's all said and done. We are so happy with Amy's work. Thank you Amy.  You can see a lot of our wedding photos by following us on social media or check them out here.

Lighting:  Discovery DJs and Lighting.  The lighting was perfection.  The up lights changed in the room depending on what was happening.  Good lighting really set a mood to the wedding and made the pictures look great too.

Cakes and Cake Pops:  Red Raspberry Cakes.  I finally had several giant pieces after we came back from the honeymoon and it was the best cake I've ever had.  So savory but not too heavy and rich.  Just perfect.   These cakes were beautiful and delicious!  And the cake balls that looked like Reunion Tower were adorable and the kids loved them.

Ceremony and Cocktail Hour Music:  Dallas String Quartet.  Not much sounds cooler than a electric string quartet playing pop and rock music.  The Evans and Rasberry familys' processional music was "In My Life" by the Beatles.  The Groom's processional music was "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica.  The Bride's and Emma Kelly's processional music was "As Long as You Love Me" by the Backstreet Boys.  And the recessional music for the entire wedding party was "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns n' Roses.  

DJ:  Radio DJs. DJ Mike Morse nailed it.  The dance floor was packed from the first song and stayed that way the entire night. Even after things were paused for the bouquet and garter toss, he was En Fuego. It was like being at a club with a bunch of super fun people.  Mike mixed the whole night and he knows that "Don't Stop Believing" isn't played until the end.  A slow dance with my daughter Brooke and then all of us dancing to "Shut Up and Dance with Me" as the last song was as much fun as one can have on a dance floor.  Mike threw me a bone, with a sly wink and smile he played "Sad But True" for the garter toss!  We were lucky and honored to have Mike be our DJ. Oh, he's a super cool great guy too!

Pizza Truck: Big Al's Party Trailers.  Big Al Mack has a traveling kitchen with a wood burning brick pizza? Yup. And late night snacks are always a win. Big Al took alot of heat for his wedding toast (which I loved by the way because it was from his heart), but many people don't see how generous and thoughtful this man is to Kellie and I.  We got the Pizza Truck for our departing guests at a deep family discount. Check out Big Al's McKinney Avenue Tavern too and try the wings.  Awesome!

Invitations and artwork for posters and signage:  Allen Evans.  I sketched the original artwork using a #2 pencil, Prismacolor black marker, and Crayola Twistables colored pencils.  The artwork was then scanned and printed by Digital Marketing and Print Solutions.  If you're interested in having me draw for you for invitations, tattoo art, or art just to display, let me know!

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