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Wedding Planning Timeline

Here is a timeline of our planning. We will keep posting all the way until the big day! Please check back for updates.  I (Allen) will be posting here, so the updates will be in my voice.


November 30: Per a judge's order, Kellie's name is officially "Kellie Rasberry Evans".

July 8 : I carry Kellie Rasberry Evans over the threshold into the front door of Rasberry Manor (Evans Estate).

July 8 : We arrive back at DFW after a unforgettable honeymoon. We didn't want it to end.

July 2 : We leave DFW airport for our honeymoon at the UNICO 2087 resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

July 1 : 11:35PM : Kellie and I leave Stonebriar CC in the weekend car.

July 1 : 11:30PM : Reception ends 

July 1 : 7:00PM : Reception starts

July 1 : 6:30PM : Family pictures

July 1 : 6:15PM : Kellie and I say our vows and Kellie's brother Ryan pronounces us Mr. and Mrs. Allen Evans!

July 1 : 6:05PM : Kellie walks into the ceremony holding hands with Emma Kelly. The Dallas String Quartet plays "As Long as You Love Me" by the Backstreet Boys.

July 1 : 6:00PM : I walk into the ceremony holding Dylan's hand. Brooke and Cole walk in front of us holding hands.

July 1 : 5:30PM : Everyone dressed and ready to go in the Groom's dressing room.

July 1 : 4:30PM : I arrive at Stonebriar CC along with my Uncle, Aunt, Cole and Dylan. I start getting the boys dressed.

July 1 : 12:00PM : I take Cole and Dylan to McDonald's for our last "guys" meal before the ceremony.

June 30 : I swing by my apartment and give them my keys.  I'm officially moved out.

June 30 : I go to the Art of Shaving at Northpark Mall to get a beard trim.

June 29 : While Kellie is with friends and partying with Troy Aikman, I take the 4 children to Red Lobster in the suburbs! We have a great time. 

June 29 : Kellie goes to dinner with friends and family at Al Biernat's in Dallas, her favorite restaurant.  While in the restaurant the group, Troy Aikman stops by the table to say hi!

June 29 : I see my dear friend and hair stylist of 24 years, Connie Oswald at Hair's Best Friend in Dallas and she cuts my hair for the wedding.  Connie has known me single without kids, married without kids, married with kids, divorced with kids, and now as Kellie's fiance, about to be married again.  She's seen it all, all the ups and downs, and has always been one of those constants in my life. She's known all my children since birth and has cut their hair too. She loves them like family would. We love you Connie and will miss you at the wedding.  She also gives my soon to be "bonus daughter" Emma Kelly a trim! 

June 29 : Kellie's Cousin Brooke and her friend Danielle fly in from South Carolina.

June 29 : Kellie gets a spray tan.

June 29 : Big Al "MY MAN" gives us a very thoughtful wedding gift. A bottle of Pappy, er, Rip Van Winkle 10 year bourbon. I can't wait to sit on the back patio, grill out, and sip on a glass of Ol' Rip Van Winkle "neat". Thank you Al!

June 28 : Kellie and I pick out the walk in and out music for the ceremony performed by the Dallas String Quartet.

June 28 : I get gifts for the boys to give them at the rehearsal dinner.

June 28 : Kellie takes EK and Brooke and Mrs. Rasberry to get a mani-pedi.

June 28 : Kellie's lifelong friend, Tomi Jean and Cousin Cindy are flying in from South Carolina. 

June 27 : I assemble a surprise to be displayed at the wedding reception.

June 26 : Kellie and I get the last few things out of my old apartment.  It's completely cleaned out.  Finally.  I'll spend the last few days leading up to the wedding with my parents' at their house with the kids.

June 26 : Dianthe sends us an email with some last minute questions she needs answers to.  Kellie answers most of the questions. 

June 26 : I have a conference call with Kellie and DJ Mike Morse about some of the details for music at the reception.

June 26 : I get Emma Kelly and Brooke's wedding gifts. Still need to get something for the boys.

June 26 : Kellie picks up her wedding dress from Mockingbird Bridal.  It fits! She takes it to her mother's house so she can hang it outside the garment bag.

June 25 : We meet a very nice individual who works for the Collin County Sheriffs Office who will provide security services at the wedding.

June 25 : Moving continues. Kellie and I use my dad's truck to move several more boxes of stuff to the Manor. We end a very productive weekend exhausted!  

June 24 : Movers move all of my furniture to Rasberry manor early in the morning.  Our section is delivered in the morning too.  We give away several pieces of furniture to one of Kellie's good friends.

June 22 : 12:06PM : We get our marriage license from the Dallas County Clerk's  office on Elm St. in Downtown Dallas.  So exciting!

June 20 : Kellie goes to Mockingbird Bridal to try on her dress again. She decides to wait a few days before taking it home.

June 19 : Kellie and I sit down at Rasberry Manor and work on a seating chart for the dinner at the reception. Kellie tells me beforehand that the seating chart is giving her alot of anxiety and she thinks it will be very difficult.  I ask her to please not worry so much.  After about 15-20 minutes of working on it together, we finish it.  Kellie tells me she can't believe it was so easy and that we didn't get in a fight doing it.  I am not surprised that we completed it together so easily. We always work well together if we both put our minds and best effort to something and respect each other's viewpoint.

June 18 : Picked up the boys wedding suits from the tailor. 

June 12 : I ask a good friend of mine if she'd make a toast as my honorary "best man" at the reception since my 9 year old son and best-man, Cole, will probably not be doing a toast. She agrees!

June 11 : I reconfigured the master closet at Rasberry Manor so I can start moving some clothing into the closet. 

June 10 : I buy the shirt that I'll wear in the wedding. I also get my shoes shined that I'm going to wear at the wedding.

June 10 : I take my suit back to Nordstrom's and get it fitted by the tailor. It'll be ready in a week.

June 8 : Kellie asks Big Al Mack, MY MAN! and Bossman George, ey man, if they will make toasts at the reception. They agree after a little encouragement. 

June 6 : While in Miami, we record another episode of our Podcast "A Sandwich and Some Lovin'". Check it out and subscribe on iTunes to listen!

June 4-9 : Kellie and I go to Miami for the KKMS Family Vacation. 

June 4 : I get baptized at Parkway Hills Baptist Church by Pastor Sam at his last service as acting Pastor.  My close friends, family, and the children are all in attendance.

June 3 : We take my sons, Cole and Dylan, to a tailor to have their wedding suits fitted. They are going to look SO HANDSOME!

May 30: Kellie mails out the rehearsal dinner invitations. 

​May 28-29: After much pressure about not having a registry, we registered! We are registered at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. 

May 27-28: The move to Rasberry Manor continues. We hauled two truckloads from my apartment to the manor. 

May 25 : We bought suits and ties for the boys and my wedding tie.

May 24 : We had bedrooms painted for the kids and bought bunk beds for the boys and EK's new bed. 

May 23 : I go to the KKMS studio and Kellie and I record our first few episodes of our Podcast "A Sandwich and Some Lovin'". We take calls and a few of the callers want to know about how we are blending families and how wedding planning is going.

May 21 : Kellie and I continue the hunt for the boys wedding attire at Dillards, Macy's, Nordstrom, and Target.  We decide to change up what the boys are going to wear a bit after seeing some super cute pictures on Etsy and Pinterest.

May 18 : We start getting our first RSVPs!

May 17 : Bought Kellie a wedding gift. Shhh.

May 16 : The wedding invitations are mailed to our guests from a USPS office in Dallas, TX!

May 9 : We pick out the rehearsal dinner menu.

May 9 : All the envelopes have been addressed, stuffed, and stamped.  Just waiting for the early part of next week to send!

May 6-7 : Kellie spends alot of time over the weekend addressing the wedding envelopes. 

May 4 : The invitations are done. Big thank you to Jimmy "The Printer" Lester at, Russface Russ Francis and Bossman George, ey man, for all the help with the wedding invites. They were patient with me because I went back and forth several times on nit picky things. They look fantastic! 

May 3 : Ok, got the suit situation straightened out.  Returned the first suit I bought back to Nordstrom Rack.  Bought THE wedding suit at Nordstrom Galleria.  Many thank yous to Janet in men's suits who really spent alot of time helping me and helped me pick out the right one.  It's a Hugo BOSS, navy blue.  I really like it.  I feel like the Filipino James Bond when I put it on.  Still need a shirt and tie, but still time to get those.

May 3 : We pick up Kellie's wedding band.  It fits perfectly and she loves it.  It's definitely substantial enough to wear on it's own without the engagement ring if she wants to.

May 1 : I find a suit I really like at Nordstrom Rack in Plano and I buy it.

April 29 : Emma Kelly and I go suit shopping at Nordstrom's at Northpark Mall. There are several we like, but still haven't found THE one.  We will go back during their big sale later in May.

April 29 : Kellie signs contract with the Dallas String Quartet and makes the deposit. She also buys gifts for the flower girls.

April 28 : I give Russ Face one more version of the art I've drawn to see how Jimmy the Printer can reproduce color.  We'll see!

April 25 : We get a 2nd draft for the invitation back from Russ Face and Jimmy the Printer.  Looking good, but we have a few more changes.

April 25 : Kellie buys a bag full of flip flops for the reception so the gals can kick off the heels and boogie down.

April 24 : Kellie signs contract with a lighting company and puts a down payment on the lights for the reception.

April 21-23: We spend the weekend in Las Vegas for Kellie's birthday. To say we blew our wedding diets out of the water would be an understatement.

April 20 : We get the first draft of an invitation proof back from the printer. Still needs a little work.

April 19 : Kellie buys Emma Kelly and Brooke bridesmaid gifts.

April 18 : Kellie, Emma Kelly and I go to Weir's in Plano and buy a new sectional for Rasberry Manor.

April 17 : Kellie puts down deposit on florist.

April 16 : Moving more stuff into Rasberry manor, including my golf clubs.  Now stuff's gettin' real.

April 13 : Kellie's last birthday as a single woman!  #heputaringonit

April 12 : Kellie buys a dress for the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.

April 11 : We book the florist. A Fresh Approach Florist.

April 6 : Me, Kellie's boss George, ey man, and Russ Face meet with Jimmy the Printer to talk about printing invitations. He can print our invitations with my original artwork on them. They are going to look super cool.

April 4 : Kellie and I meet for lunch and go back to the place where I bought her engagement ring.  She picks out a wedding band and I buy it on the spot.

April 3 : I talk to Kellie's boss, George, ey man, and we schedule a meeting with a printer he knows.  We will meet to see how to transfer the art I've drawn to an invitation. Ey man.

April 2 : Kellie puts down a deposit for a photographer. Cha-ching.

April 2 : Kellie orders the rehearsal dinner invitations.

April 1 : Kellie said yes to the dress! She buys a wedding dress.  I can't wait to see!

April 1: Kellie and I and my two boys, Cole and Dylan, go to the reception venue to taste all the food that we will be serving. It was alot of fun and the boys get to pick a few things.


March 30 : Brooke tries on her bridesmaid dress and looks like such a big girl!  And she asks to wear (short) heels at the wedding.  <Old Dad Sigh>

March 29 : Kellie and Emma Kelly go to my sister's house to have all the girls try on the new dresses. They look so pretty.  Brooke will try hers on this weekend, but I bet we're keeping these.

March 29 : We decide that we'd rather have a sit down dinner than a buffet at the reception because of the space and number of people. 

March 29 : I show Kellie and Emma Kelly the first draft invitation that I've drawn.  They like this one! I'll continue to work on it.

March 29 : We get a bid on flowers for the wedding.  Holy Moly flowers are expensive.

March 28 : I go back to the drawing board (no pun intended) on sketching a wedding invitation cover and post up at Starbucks. This time, Kellie likes what I've come up with.

March 28 : Kellie finds dresses for Brooke and Emma Kelly and the flower girls that she likes better that the ones purchased on the 18th.

March 28 : Kellie shops for shoes for Brooke and Emma Kelly and the flower girls.

March 27 : Booked rehearsal dinner venue.

March 22 : Kellie signs a contract with the videographer.

March 22 : I start drawing the cover art for the wedding invite. I draw something that I really love. We will see if Kellie likes it tonight?!

March 21 : Kellie's boss, George, ey man, calls me to give me some info about a friend who can print wedding invites.  I may try to draw the invite art. Ey man.

March 21 : Kellie finds a videographer she likes to shoot video at the wedding.

March 18 : We take all the kids to go look at wedding dresses and suits at Macy's.  We find a great deal on dresses for Brooke and Emma Kelly as well as dresses for my sister's daughters, who will be flower girls.

March 18 : Me and my sister meet to look at wedding invitations.  We see a few good options, but man are they pricey! Kellie asks me if I could possibly design our invitations myself. Hmmm.

March 14 : Kellie goes dress shopping for herself and for Brooke and Emma Kelly.

March 12 : We decide to start moving a few things into Rasberry Manor from my apartment.  Few pieces of furniture and winter clothes.

March 11 : We brainstorm bachelorette and bachelor party ideas with friends Russ & Amy, and Craig & Suizan over cocktails. Interesting ideas!

March 10 : We go back to David Yurman at Northpark Mall to look at men's bands. We find one I like and Kellie buys it.

March 7 : Kellie schedules menu tasting for April 1, schedules wedding rehearsal, and books honeymoon suite.

March 7 : Kellie meets her wedding planner and friend Dianthe at the venue to discuss ceremony and reception details.

March 5 : We go to Northpark Mall in Dallas to Nordstrom and Ted Baker to go suit shopping for the wedding. Kellie likes blue suits.

March 5 : Looked at men's wedding bands at David Yurman. I want something with a design to it that's not super traditional.

March 4 : We go cake tasting at Red Raspberry Cakes! My Groom's cake will be chocolate icing with yellow cake, my fave! The big cake will be alternating layers of white chocolate and red raspberry swirl.

March 3 : Kellie signs the contract with the venue! We have a place to get married!

March 1 : Kellie asks me about Grooms' cakes.  Yellow cake, chocolate icing, and has to have magic involved somehow.

February 28 : Kellie and my sister, Amanda, have lunch at Sixty Vines in Plano. Kellie asks my sister if her girls will be flower girls in the wedding!

February 28 : Kellie and I combine our guest lists. The venue will be the right size so we have plenty of room.

February 27 : Kellie puts me in charge of the wedding invitations. I immediately call my sister, Amanda, who is an expert in such matters.

February 27 : I share my guest list with Kellie.

February 27 : We start looking at honeymoon options. Short flight, warm and all inclusive are the requirements.

February 26 : We visit a venue in Frisco, TX for the 2nd time. It's our favorite so far.

February 22 : We meet a videographer in Deep Ellum. Then, I walk across the street to Elm Street Tattoo, where I get my 2nd tattoo.

February 22 : Kellie visits a venue in Frisco, TX.  We are thinking this is a strong possibility.

February 20 : We ask Kellie's brother, Ryan, if he will be the officiant at our wedding. He says of course and he's honored!

February 20 : We visit a venue in downtown Dallas.  It's gorgeous but very pricey for us.

February 19 : We decide to visit two venues in McKinney, TX.  We end up turning around before we see them because they are too far away for most guests.

February 15 : We start brainstorming venue ideas and guest list based on our date and what we envision for our wedding.

February 14 : After the interview, we go to Ruth Chris's Steakhouse in Plano to celebrate Valentines Day together.

February 14 : Meredith Land with NBC5 News wants to interview us at Kellie's house for a human interest story.  The story airs on the 10 o'clock news.

February 13 : I call into the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and we announce the engagement to Kellie's fans.

February 12 : We selected July 1, 2017 as our wedding date. It makes sense because Kellie has time off immediately after the July 1 weekend to honeymoon.

February 12 : At Church, I went forward and accepted Jesus Christ into my life at Parkway Hills Baptist Church.  Pastor Sam announced our engagement to the congregation.

February 11 : I asked Kellie to marry me at the top of Reunion Tower. She says yes!  Afterwards, we had dinner 50 stories up at Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck.

February 10 : While Kellie is at an appearance, I have dinner with Jose and Kinsey Chavez and friends. To practice on a live audience, I perform a few of the tricks that I will use on February 11 to propose.  The group has no idea I'm proposing the next night.  But I do tell one of Kellie's close friends that night that I'm going to propose. We have a whiskey sour to celebrate.

February 10 : I drop in on Mr. and Mrs. Rasberry at their home to ask their permission on the proposal. They are very excited and Mr. Rasberry says a very touching prayer for us.

February 9 : I tell my daughter Brooke that I'm going to propose to Kellie and I ask Brooke what she thinks. Her first reaction is, "YAY! Can I be in the wedding?!"

February 8 : I finish practicing the 3 tricks I'm going to propose with on February 11. 

January 31 : I tell my mom and dad I'm going to propose to Kellie on February 11. They are very excited and happy and wish us a life of happiness.

January 27 : I visit Reunion Tower with Amanda Kate to see the venue and test the lighting.

January 23 : I pick up Kellie's completed ring from the designer.

January 5 : I visit a ring designer at the Dallas World Trade Center.


January 10 : Kellie and I go on our first date to Densetsu in Plano, TX.

January 5 : Kellie and I match on the dating app Bumble.

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