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First Dates are the BEST!

Look at me, already falling behind on my blogging commitment. Maybe we can allow for a little flexibility here at the beginning? In my defense, I’ve been busy. The busy is all my own doing, but still. On Thursday, my cousin flew in from South Carolina to meet her new grandbaby and I was the volunteer airport shuttle service. Then my daughter had 8pm volleyball practice. Yes, 8pm. Every Thursday.

On Friday, Allen and I had a FABULOUS meeting with the Infinite Agency, who came up with a couple of logo design options for us. We think we almost have it! Just a couple tweaks and then we’ll be ready for the big debut — which we’re hoping will be really big! We’ve got a couple things bubbling with that and we’ll let you know as soon as we can!

And then later Friday night, I scheduled Allen and me a double date with Tye and MELISSA FREAKING RYCROFT FREAKING STRICKLAND!!!

Let me back up just a bit. I met Melissa at a charity event several months ago and we ended up on a group text. I’m not sure who made the first move — actually, I’m sure it was me — but we’ve been trying to get together with our husbands ever

since. This past Friday night, it finally happened! Let me back up a bit again. So, I was getting sick on Thursday night and was afraid I might have to cancel our double date, so I went to the doc-in-the-box right after I got off work on Friday just to make sure I wasn’t getting strep. There’s no way I could risk infecting Melissa!! I was so proud when the doc-in-the-box complimented me on my ability to handle the throat swabbing without gagging, and then relieved when she said it wasn’t strep. She told me I just wasn’t allowed to share drinks with anyone and it should be okay. No problem. I can handle a deep throat swab but the thought of backwash makes me gag.

So how was my first date with Melissa (and our husbands)? I’ll admit it. I talked too much at first. That’s me. I get anxious if there’s even a moment of silence so I just keep talking until somebody interrupts me. Fortunately, I recognized what I was doing fairly early in the evening and stopped myself. And we ended up having a really good time! We enjoyed lots of cocktails…we had a fabulous dinner…they seemed to love Allen’s magic…they didn’t seem to be annoyed by me…and there was talk of doing this again! I’d say it was a successful first date!

On Saturday, we hosted a couple of couples friends and their kids for dinner. My friend Amy and her family went to India for three weeks, so I threw her an India De-Briefing party. My friends said they were going to show up in their pajamas but Allen didn’t believe them. So when they all showed up in their pajamas, we had to go change into ours. I can’t believe I walked out in some old long johns I haven’t worn in about 20 pounds! I told myself they didn’t look THAT bad. But then I walked out and saw the look on everyone’s faces, marched back into the bedroom and put on my flowing-est, loungey-est pajamas and threw the long johns into the Swap Party pile.

Yes, I’m having another Swap Party! It’s long overdue. I’m afraid I’ve invited way too many people and it’s going to be complete chaos, but that can be fun, too. After this party wraps, if y’all are interested, I’ll do a blog about how to host a successful swap and include some pictures.

In the meantime, I’ve got to get settled in for The Bachelor. I’ll be live tweeting tonight @kellierasberry and Allen promises to watch it with me, so it should be fun. Of course, I’ll be blogging about it here later!

Thanks for reading! And if you’d like to leave comments, be sure to register as a member. Allen is working on some really cool stuff and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

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Suzane Hatcher
Suzane Hatcher
Feb 28, 2018

Allen I freakin’ love the Kellie falling re-enactment. That was priceless and so much more. And wearing the PJ’s and Wookiee hat...oh man I was LOL’ing so hard. Then when I heard you pulled a shrimp out of Melissa R Strickland’s ear at dinner...I thought for sure you had ruined the BFF relationship that was brewing for Kellie. I love love love you guys and your family adventures. Keep it real dude! Now for the serious did you know that Kellie was the one? SH


Alicia Jones
Alicia Jones
Jan 20, 2018

Omg Melissa seemed so amazing I fell in love with her when I watchwas d her on DCC and the. Was heart broken for her when Jason broke her heart but everything worked out best for everyone


Sonya Jones
Sonya Jones
Jan 18, 2018

So exciting, Kellie! You meeting Melissa Rycroft is probably the equivalent to me finally meeting you (KELLIE FREAKING RASBERRY) on New Years eve.

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