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Kellie's Diary

Hi everyone, it's Kellie! It’s been YEARS since Kidd Kraddick forced me to write “Kellie’s Diary.” I really didn’t think anybody wanted to read what I was thinking, but Kidd made me do it anyway. I had to write a diary entry every single day, and Kidd would read the ones he found most entertaining on the radio in his “Kellie Rasberry” voice. While I didn’t always enjoy writing them, I sure do miss hearing Kidd read them out loud. Kidd doing me was WAY funnier than the real me.

When I first started writing “Kellie’s Diary,” I was in my 20s and full of all the angst and insecurities that go along with that decade of life. But those feelings didn’t dissipate in my 30s. In fact, during that decade of existence, my diary became one long bitching and moaning session. Still, with Kidd reading it out loud, my darkest thoughts transformed into something amusing, so I kept writing. But after a while, I grew tired of my own negativity — as relatable as it may have been to a lot of people feeling those same things. So I quit writing my diary every single day. Eventually, I stopped writing it altogether.

But so much has changed since then!! Let’s just skip to the good part…

In January of 2016, I met Allen. Eighteen months later, I became his wife! I went from being a single mom of one to having a husband, four kids and a TON of laundry. We’ve been married six months now, and combining our lives and our households has been quite an adjustment. We’re still digging in our heels over whose stuff gets to stay and what has to go, but for now, we’ve just shoved it all in the attic where it may remain until the reading of our wills. But one of the best things we’ve done together in our new marriage is start our podcast, A Sandwich and Some Lovin.’ It’s gone from being a fun little side project to almost a full-time gig! On top of that, we’ve decided to turn Allen’s engagement present to me — this website — into something more interactive. That’s one of the reasons I’ve decided to start writing my diary again, only this time it’s just me and my own voice. There will be some days when I need to get something off my chest and there will be other days when I just want to tell you about the fabulous new under-eye cream I recently discovered. But hopefully you’ll find it interesting enough to keep coming back!

For now, I’m just so happy you found! Please feel free to let us know what you’d like to see more of (and maybe less of!) on the site.

Cheers to new beginnings! And may we all have a happy and blessed 2018.

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