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Sitting Here Paralyzed

I’m sitting here paralyzed because I have so much to do that I don’t know where to start. First and foremost, I need a shower. But the exterminator is due to arrive in 19 minutes and I’m just stuck here in my filth until he comes and goes. Second, I need to talk the accountant and set up the appointment to do my taxes. Who wants to do THAT???? I get a pass for procrastinating on that one. I also need to write three thank you notes, pay my tithe, schedule a doctor’s appointment, call friends I haven’t talked to in so long that it’s embarrassing, and try to figure out how this Like It To Know It app works. But then I remembered I promised Allen that I would blog today, so everything else gets bumped until I knock this out and now I’ve got 16 minutes before the exterminator is scheduled to show up.

Allen and I took Emma Kelly out to a seafood restaurant Monday night because we had two coupons that were about to expire and had to be used before the stroke of midnight. (By the way, they only accepted one. And the people we gave the other coupon to could’ve demonstrated a LITTLE more enthusiasm, in my opinion.) The restaurant was already decorated for Fat Tuesday, so while we were waiting for our fish to arrive, I explained to Emma Kelly about how we’re allowed to be complete gluttons on Fat Tuesday because on Wednesday, Lent begins. To honor the sacrifice that Christ made for us on the cross, Catholics sacrifice something from their lives that causes them discomfort or pain and they can’t have it back again until Easter. Now, I didn’t grow up Catholic and as Baptists, it’s not something we’re required to do, but EK said she wanted to give up something and I want to support her in that, so let’s do Lent!

And EK is VERY excited about giving something up. She toyed with the idea of sacrificing Netflix but then realized that would REALLY hurt. Then she landed on the idea of giving up meat. She was already agreeing to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the next six weeks, but I think I successfully steered her towards giving up just red meat. She has until the end of the day to let me know because, as a supportive mother, I may be googling six weeks worth of creative vegetarian meal options. And I don’t know what her brothers and sister are going to think when they show up to the house looking for a plate of meatballs and I introduce them to Tofu Helper.

And now only six minutes until the exterminator arrives.

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