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The American Dream

Hello I'm Allen. Working at home does have its benefits, but since my kids are still off for Christmas break, I've been wearing a lot of hats this week.  Marketing guy, podcast host, short order cook, referee for any kid disputes that arise and tending to The Evans Estate which includes laundry, dishes, and oh yeah, a gushing water pipe in the ceiling.  I jokingly told Kellie when she got home that she can now refer to me as the "Moose" since I put the whole family on my back this week and carried them across the goal line! Hehe.

The upstairs bathroom started leaking water yesterday....aaaarrrrggg!!  I was working in my Executive Suite (the kitchen table) and Cole (my 9 year old son) ran in to tell me that the powder bathroom floor was wet.  I immediately thought that Dylan (my 5 year old son) got the floor wet while washing his hands so I didn't think it was any big deal.  I slowly get up to go check it out and see water everywhere!!! It's coming out of the HVAC vent on the ceiling, coming out of the light switch on the wall, and seeping out of the baseboards near the floor.  CRAP.  I then run and get towels and buckets and call Kellie and she calls her long time GC, Dale, to come out and take a look.  Dale comes over in just a few hours.

So, after Dale's guys cut a hole in the ceiling, letting out another waterfall, it turns out that the P-trap underneath the upstairs tub got backed up and started leaking.  I'm a magician and not a plumber, but I'm suspecting that all the bath bombs that the girls got for Christmas and have been using upstairs clogged the P-trap.   Since the overflow pipe outside was probably frozen and there was no where for the water to go, the P-trap leaked a tub's worth of water into the ceiling.  Just my guess, but a plumber is coming out today to take a look and fix the pipes for good hopefully.

I'm just glad I could be here at the house because if no one was here, it could have been a lot worse than it turned out to be.  I'm pretty handy, but this was one that I couldn't fix with duct tape and elbow grease.  Dale gave me a shoutout on how well the texturing and painting turned out in the powder bath which made me feel good! Dale knows his stuff, so I guess I did ok! At least it's only the ceiling that will need to be repainted.

Ah, the American Dream, marriage, a house full of chitlins and home ownership!!

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