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Cheers to 2019

Well, I’ve had my black eyed peas and turnip greens so all the luck and money is mine in 2019!!

I hope everyone had the exact New Year’s Eve celebration they hoped for. Allen and I were coming off a horrific stomach bug, so we unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on how you look at it! — didn’t do anything to embarrass ourselves at the party we hosted. Actually, dancing sober probably made for some cringe-worthy iPhone videos, but so far I’ve been spared the embarrassment of seeing any of them posted today.

It was nice waking up without a hangover, though! That didn’t stop us from acting like it, though. Right after Allen stepped on the scale and declared he was starting the new year carb-free and gluten-free, we went straight to iHop and ordered like we were trying to soak up all the alcohol swimming around in our bellies. Allen ordered some sampler platter that gave him three different versions of sausage! And then after realizing they shorted him his second pancake, they rewarded him with not one, but two more. We rolled out of there in Carbohydrate Heaven and YES, IT EXISTS. And again, acting like we partied like fools the night before, we spent the rest of the day napping, noshing, and watching college football. In fact, I’m typing this in the middle of game three and we still have one more game to go. Due to family loyalty, go Bulldogs!!

Now, even though we were sick with a bug, Allen and I stuck to our tradition and on December 30, we reviewed our Bucket Lists from 2018 before making our new ones for 2019. Let’s just say that Allen was exceedingly more successful with his than his under-achieving wife was with hers. It was disgraceful, actually. So rather than push myself and risk embarrassing myself further, my list for 2019 is far less ambitious. Allen and I will share all of that on our first A Sandwich and Some Lovin’ podcast of 2019, which will be out on Thursday, January 3.

By the way, THANK YOU for being part of our growing podcast family! We’re excited about the future of A Sandwich and Some Lovin’ and we are SO looking forward to our first Adults Only Podcast Family Vacation in July! If you’d like to join us, go The more the merrier!!

Cheers to the year ahead!!



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