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I Need a Drink (or Two)

Hey it's Kellie! I’m so glad I don’t do Dry January because I need a drink. It’s literally been one thing after another today, but to spare you all the minutia I’ll just say it culminated with a great big hole in our dining room ceiling. There’s a leak coming from somewhere in the kids’ bathroom upstairs. With four kids and back-to-back baths and showers, whatever was slowly leaking decided to show itself in full force today. But our contractor friend believes it could’ve been a lot worse, and for that I am grateful. But we have to wait for the plumber’s diagnosis tomorrow to find out how much this one’s going to set us back.  

But while I’m trying to type out this blog (because one of my Bucket List entries was to blog at least three times a week, which makes it more of a resolution and not a Bucket List item…) I’ve got two boys fighting over who tooted, one daughter complaining that her earbuds are broken and insisting we leave RIGHT NOW to go buy another pair, and another sick with sinus infection in her bed. I just want to eat and drink by feelings. But I can’t set a bad example for the children, so I’ll just keep typing until the true tooter is outed and my daughter gives up begging for earbuds. I could be here a while. 

One of my other Bucket List items was to find a show that my husband Allen and I can watch together. We tried to watch that Mind Hunter on Netflix that everybody keeps going on and on about. We gave it two episodes but it just didn’t do anything for us. Now a bunch of people at my office are trying to get me to jump on the Black Mirror bandwagon, and Allen said he wouldn’t mind giving that a try. I’d really like him to watch the first season of Stranger Things so I can finally watch Stranger Things 2, but I’m about to give up and watch that one solo. But I’m looking forward to diving back into The Crown! I’ve only had time to watch the first episode of the second season but I really do love that one! 

I know Allen and I are planning on going through our Bucket List on next week’s podcast so I won’t go into any more here. But I feel like maybe I should’ve been a bit more ambitious with mine. I should’ve aimed a little higher for 2018. It’s not too late to make some revisions, though. Maybe I’ll throw myself a little curveball. Or MAYBE I’ll let Allen put one item on my bucket list, but only if he lets me put one on his! Is that fair? 

Seriously, though…I’ve got to go. I hear punching and kicking and laughing…..for now. That can change with one misplaced poke to the eye. Boys are SO different from girls!

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