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Ross for Bachelor?

And so it begins! Baseball, soccer and volleyball seasons are upon us! Gone are the Saturdays I used to wish away because I was bored out of my mind with nothing to do. But it sure is funny how all the games seem to be scheduled at the exact same time, but with a little creativity and a lot of sweat, we somehow manage to make it work.

I know it’s almost a week since it happened, but how can I NOT discuss that whole Arie/Becca/Ross situation from last week’s Bachelor?? Here’s the thing…The majority of us women — notice I didn’t say “all” because every time I do that, a group of women get their panties all bunched up insisting that they are the exceptions — but the majority of us women have bought into this Hollywood idea of romance where a man has to do some over-the-top grand gesture to prove his love and claim his woman.

So when Ross — who broke up with Becca a year ago but then realized she was on a game show and was most likely going to win a proposal — jumped on a plane at the last minute and drove five hours across a desert wearing a charmingly ill-fitted suit and carrying a charmingly sad floral bouquet, Becca didn’t think he was romantic. She thought he was delusional! So HE’S the one who’s delusional?? Because even though Becca and Ross had seven years of dating history — granted, part of that was during their crazy college years and filled with many ups and downs to which we are not privy — she decided she was truly in love with a guy she’d known less than six weeks and with whom she’d been on a grand total of 3 dates!!

Either way, Becca would be taking a chance with whichever man she chose, but why wouldn’t you take a chance on the guy who made the grand gesture??? THIS is the love story Hollywood has force-fed since we were pre-teens! Think of Hugh Grant coming for Julia Roberts in “Notting Hill”…Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in “The Notebook”…Even Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in “The Wedding Singer!” We want the grand, chase-her-down-and-win-her-back gesture! And if Becca had the information that Arie had already told one woman he was falling in love with her and another that he was “deeply” in love with her, would she have still made the same choice? I think NOT.

I’m just so disappointed in the entire Bachelor season anyway. Based on the Arie we all met five years ago, I thought he was going to be a fun-to-watch, roguish playboy who would have me yelling gleefully at the TV screen when he pulled off his naughty little stunts. Instead, I’m yawning through dull dates that leave me wondering just how many shawl-collared sweaters one man should be allowed to have in his wardrobe. The ONLY devilish thing this man has done was tell two and a half women he was in love with them. It was ROSS who gave me my first true moment of excitement this entire season! And then Becca sent him away!!

Granted, ABC probably paid for that flight. And I’m pretty sure the roads Ross drove to get to his girl were paved and he wasn’t surfing sand dunes. But STILL! I, for one, am all about #RossForBachelor.

And based on all the spoilers being released on the internet, come Monday, Arie better prepare himself to be the most hated man in America. But soon enough, we’ll forget. We always do.

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